3 Styles to Wear in 40-50 Degree Weather for a Cute Look

Oh, the winter has arrived and you haven’t shopped your favorites to wear in in this cold weather.
You are not alone in this. A lot of ladies are asking what to wear in 40-50 degree weather. During the cold weather, you should be looking more towards the layered clothing.
Cool Looks to Wear in 40 degree weather
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But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your fashion style. We will be sharing some cool looks with you for this cold weather. So, you can get yourself stylish and comfortable look being warm in this weather.
Oversized cardigans , jeans, shirts, leather jackets and boots will be much preferred in this weather. You can also choose to wear your favorite t-shirts.
trendy looks to wear in 50 degree weather
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But, don’t forget to add a layer of blazer, or coat over it for a comfortable look.
Starting with our list

1- Leather Jackets

If you want to have a comfy but cute look heading out in this weather. Then, you must try these leather jackets to wear over your shirt.

2- Oversized Cardigans

Definitely a must have for all the ladies out there. This can never go wrong; you can wear it at home when you want to feel cozy or going out when you want to look stylish.

3 – Leather Boots for This Winter

Keep your feet warm in this weather by wearing some cool leather boots from your wardrobe.

4 – Sweaters

If you haven’t added sweater in your wardrobe yet. What are you waiting for? It’s a perfect choice if you want to have a casual or formal look both.

5- Trench Coats

You don’t want to say no to long trench coats. Have you ever tried one of these? Oh man, these look way more stylish than you can imagine.

6- Fleece Lined Denim Jackets

We all like denim, right? So, why not add it in our winter wardrobe and have a dapper look with these jackets.

7– Warm Leggings

Leggings are part of daily life of women. You can wear it under your skin fit jeans or pants. This will give you some warmth.
You have idea now what to wear in 40–50 degree weather. Now, let’s talk about some cool and cute looks that you can carry in this weather.


Get yourself a black legging and tank top or any t-shirt. Wear skin fit jeans over your leggings and fleece lined denim jacket over your shirt.
what to wear in 40 degree weather
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For shoes, you can try sneakers or vegan boots as well if you do not like to wear leather boots. Cool isn’t it?


Oversized Cardigan with your favorite tank top and leggings at home for a cozy and cute look.
what to wear in 50 degree weather
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Trench Coats with pants and Shirt for formal wear in 40-50-60 weather.
what to wear in 60 degree weather
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You can also watch out this video by Christie Ressel to check out some cool looks for this weather.
She is a fashion stylist and sharing really good tips about styling your outfits.
We hope, now you can decide what to wear in 40-50 degree weather and look cute.
Do tell us which look you have tried or share your own unique look with us and our followers.

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