What to Wear | Treggings or Leggings? Choose Now

A perfect wardrobe consists of tops, pants, jeans, shorts, blouses, leggings, jeggings, treggings and much more.
It’s all about pairing your top with a perfect pair of bottom to have a voguish look. But which one you should wear depending on the occasion. Let’s talk about treggings vs leggins today.
Treggings latest fashion trends
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Treggings are in trend these day. You can wear it in a formal meeting and casual hangouts. Before starting the comparison, first try to understand what is treggings and it’s type.

What are Treggings?

Treggings are bottom pants just like leggings and jeggings. It’s the updated version of trousers and leggings combination called as treggings.
what are treggings
The main point of introducing treggings is you can wear it in formal environment. The reason is simple, it’s fabric is quite thick and non see through.
Some people call treggings as slim pants or comfortable formal pants for women.

Why Treggings were Introduced?

As a women, you want to stay comfortable with your stylish looks. If you are wearing a capri pant or jeans for your work, it looks good but it might not be comfortable if you are wearing it for long.
And, you can not wear leggings or jeggings in a formal environment because of the see through issue.
choose the stylish treggings
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This is reason, treggings are a perfect choice for formal or casual wear. Specially if you are over 50, there is no reason to neglect the importance of treggings.
Before we head out to comparison between treggings vs leggings, you have got the idea somehow.

Style Patterns of Treggings

Treggings as part of the leggings family, has multiple style patterns. We will discuss it one by one before we tell you how to style your treggings for regular use.
treggings in different styles
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Formal Style Treggings

Treggings in full length with pull on closure is a prefect choice for you to wear at office. This one is a classic formal treggings with best ratings and customer reviews.
Wear it with you favorite office top. It is available in multiple colors and patterns like vertical stripes and checkered style. Get this for your next formal meeting now before it runs out of stock.

Casual Style Treggings

Who say’s you can buy treggings only for your official wear. You can get one for your casual hangouts or stay at home for relaxation.
Wear it with your favorite oversized cardigan or t-shirt for a relaxed and comfy look at your home or in hangouts with your friends and family.

Camouflage Style Treggings

Apart from the formal and casual styles, you can have it in camouflage style.
Wear it with your favorite tank top and have a chic look while doing your casual activities.

How to Wear Your Treggings?

After you have decided which type of treggings do you want to wear. You can style it to match with your top and shoes. Let’s discuss it individually.

Style Treggings with Your Top

It can perfectly match with your top depending where you are planning to wear it.
If you are going for a formal meeting, you can try out shirts with collars. Pair up your shirt and treggings with your favorite blazers for a professional yet stylish look.
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If you are planning to have casual treggings, you can try out tank tops, camisoule tops, boho tops. Also you can wear an cardigan over it if you are heading outside or want to stay at home for a relaxed look.

Style Treggings with Your Shoes

Wearing treggings in office at work is cool trend in today’s fashion world.
But, to avoid displeasing look,you need to pair it up with right shoes. For Office we would recommend high heels and mumps for voguish and comfortable look.
treggings with shoes
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If you are planning to have casual treggings to wear it at home or casual hangouts. You can try out with sneakers, sports shoes and loafers for a dapper look.
You might want to check out what Tara Hooper wants to say about styling your treggings at Prime Women’s Media
You must check Tara Hooper’s blog if you want to know styling guide for your daily routine.

What are Leggings?

Leggings are like pants for women. It is used as mostly casual or for workouts. Tons of stylish leggings available in the market.
women wearing workout leggings
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Women who like to stay comfortable and casual at home or social hangout tends to wear leggings.

Patterns and Styles of Leggings

The most common type of leggings are workout leggings and casual leggings.
Comes with different prints and style patterns. We have seen recent trend of leggings with pockets to carry essential gadgets like mobile phone, wallet and cards.
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Plain Color Leggings

Plain color leggings can never be out of the style. Specially in black color. You can match it with your favorite top and you are good to go.

Denim Style Leggings

There is also a new trend of denim style leggings which is quite popular in women. it gives look of as you are wearing a jeans but in actual it’s a legging with more comfort and style same as of jeans.

Printed Leggings

You can also check out some cool printed leggings for yourself. You can wear at home or out for a walk in the park or even at shopping mall.

Style Your Leggings

Styling your leggings is also very important as of treggings or other any other bottom.

Spice up Your Look by Pairing Tops with Leggings

You can choose any tank top, boho top, v neck top to pair up with your leggings. As this is mostly used for casual wearing, so it will be having a perfectly stylish and comfy look.

Which Shoes to Wear with Leggings?

Women wearing leggings with shoes
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If we talk about shoes for leggings. We would suggest sneakers, sports shoes and slippers as well if you are staying at home.

Treggings vs Leggings: What's your Choice?

You have an idea about the treggings and leggings now. So, we are going to ask you now. Which one would you choose between treggings vs leggings.
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Answer is quite simple we believe.
If you are a woman who wants to stay comfortable during work at office, treggings is for you.
Why? because it is the most soft fabric and gives a professional look while being in comfy mood.

Where to Buy Treggings and Leggings?

Wrapping up treggings vs leggings topic today and hope you have got the answers. The treggings are in trend and must try if you want to have a comfortable yet voguish look in the office.
Let us know in the comments section if you have tried treggings. How does it feel to be in treggings and share your styling tips.

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