10 Looks for Men to Wear With Blue Shoes

Shoes are the first thing that is noticed by any one that you meet. So, keeping in mind, we must select a good shoe for any event. Even it is for casual look.
In formal shoes, you might have noticed black, brown colors mostly. But in casual there are different colors available for men to wear. Specially the color blue is what most of the men try to wear for their casual look.
As blue color shoes are in trend for some time now, we will try to figure out some cool looks for you with blue shoes.

Which shoes you can find in Blue Color for Men?

Mostly it is the sneakers, casual shoes, moccasins and loafers. You might have seen the mentioned types in blue color and have one as well.
But the most important part is do you know how to wear and style them with your pants and shirts.
No, right? That’s why you are here. I am going to share some of the coolest looks that you can follow when you wear blue shoes.
Before you go for looks to follow with blue shoes. You can shop some amazing shoes from Amazon.

What to Wear with Blue Shoes

Total 10 looks I am going to share with you today. You must try these!

Blue Jeans and Blue Shoes

Try out a blue jean with white t-shirt and wear it with blue shoes. This is definitely most desirable going out casual look for men.

Black Jeans with Blue Shoes for Men

Use black jeans with white t-shirt or blue t-shirt and wear it your blue casual shoes.

Camel Color Pants to Wear with Blue Shoes

How about trying out some camel color pants and black shirt with your favorite blue shoes.

Denim Short for a Sexy Look with Blue Shoes

Denim always provides a killer look with whatever you want to wear. Try wearing a blue denim short, which can be matched with different color t-shirts and tank tops. Wear it with your favorite sports shoes in blue color.

Gray Shorts to Wear with Blue Shoes

Wear blue shoes with gray shorts and black t shirt. Oh man, what an exclusive look you will have, when you try this pairing.

How About White Jeans?

Wear blue color shoes with white jeans and black polo. Try this pairing for a more casual look when you head out for casual hangouts.

Khaki Chinos and Blue Moccasins

Have you ever thought about wearing khaki chinos with moccasins? No, it’s time to do it now. Wear it with your favorite shirt in black color or dark blue color.

Blue Chinos and Blue Moccasins for Men

Blue moccasins with blue chinos and white shirt. This is going to be center of the party look for you if you try it out.

Blue Moccasins with White Shorts

Try blue color moccasins with white short and black color tee. You will be having a dapper look for sure.

Checkert Shirt and Blue Shoes

Light blue jeans with checkered shirt in red or yellow color is a must try with your blue shoes.

What Belts can you Wear with Blue Shoes

All the fashion experts will agree that a belt should match with the color of belt. So,
For formal meetings, if you are wearing a blue moccasin with any brown or khaki pants. You must try wearing a blue leather belt.
For casual looks with your casual blue shoes, a casual belt in blue color will be perfectly fine.

3 Must Have Shoes in Blue Color

I have identified 3 of the must have shoes in blue color for you. Must check it out.

Casual Sneakers

what to wear with blue sneakers for men
Photo from Amazon

Elegant Loafers

elegant loafers in blue color to wear for men
Photo from Amazon

Velvet Tuxedo Shoes for Men in Blue Color

velvet tuxedo shoes for men in blue color
Photo from Amazon

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got idea about what to wear with blue shoes for men. But, keep in mind blue is the color that doesn’t go with every pant or shirt. So, you need to be careful pairing your blue shoes with any type of jeans.
Don’t try wearing blue shoes with black color pants or chinos, although you can pair it with black jeans, there is no doubt, it will be an awesome look.

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