How to Wear Midi Skirt in Style – Complete Fashion Guide

Midi skirt is in trend for long days now. But, still ladies find it hard to wear midi skirt because they keep asking questions like how to wear midi skirt?
We are going to tell you what to wear with your favorite midi skirt with style.

What is Midi Skirt

Midi skirt is basically a skirt but 2 inches below knee and above the ankle. It’s a most common type of bottoms ladies wear at different events.
midi skirt with different styles
You can wear midi skirt at any formal meeting, casual hangout or even on shopping. That’s all depends on you if you are comfortable wearing midi skirts.

How to Wear Midi Skirt?

That totally depends on the type you are wearing. We will cover depending on the different patterns of midi skirt you are wearing. So, you can have a clear idea what to select and what to avoid when you wear midi skirt next time.

Common Patterns of Midi Skirt

There are different patterns available and you might have used most or some of these in your daily use. We will try to cover some of the major used midi skirts, if we miss out any let us know in the comment section.
Today, our focus is on the following.

Options with Solid Midi Skirt

Starting with the basic pattern, a single color midi skirt. If you are wearing a solid color, you can choose to wear stripe tops or floral tops depending on the event.
Photo taken from Canva
Also, it depends on the solid color you have chosen. If it is dark, you can select the light color top or pattern for a chic look. you can do the opposite if you are wearing a light color midi skirt.

What Should You Try with Office Midi Skirt

Usually, in office you would like to wear a bit formal midi skirt.
You can have a stylish look wearing a formal office wear midi skirt. If you are wearing a plain color midi skirt, you can try to wear checkered top or stripe top.
If you are wearing a checkered or stripe midi skirt, then you can think of a plain color top. Like a perfect match for office wear will be, Black midi skirt with white shirt.

Floral Midi Skirt and Tops

Well, who doesn’t like flower and that too on a midi skirt. Wearing a flower pattern midi skirt give you a dapper look. But, you got to be very careful in selecting the top. You should not select to wear a floral top with floral midi skirt.
floral midi skirt
Photo taken from Canva
You can try to wear some good solid colors or a plain top to avoid getting a boring look. If the top you are wearing is plain, it will give you a dapper look with your floral midi skirt.

Denim Style Midi Skirts and Tops Selection

Denim midi skirts are in fashion these days and why not. It gives a rough look whenever you wear it in your social gatherings.
You know what, a denim bottom can look good with any type of top you want to wear. You can wear, solid, funky, pattern, floral or even boho top to have a voguish look.
Tip: Try to wear a denim blazer with your midi skirt and see how it looks.

Striped Midi Skirt Options

Stripe pattern midi skirts are considered to be unique because of their style. You can wear vertical stripes or horizontal stripes.
What we recommend is to try vertical stripes as it will give you a tall look and being the stylish one in the room.
Striped pattern midi skirt
Photo from Canva
Try wearing a one color top, it toally depends on you to choose t-shirt or shirt depending on the ocassion.

Boho Style Midi Skirt

You must have heard about the boho style tops but let’s find out about boho style midi skirt.
how to wear midi skirt in boho style

Should You Wear Blazer or Jacket With Midi Skirt?

Yes, you can wear the blazer if you are wearing formal midi skirt in office. Try out black or any color blazer to have a trending look in your office.
Jacket with midi skirt
Photo by Marx Alexei Illaconza from Pexels
For other midi skirts like floral or boho. You should try out plain jackets or polka dot jackets to have a dapper look.
Wrapping up our today’s topic. We hope that you have got the answer now on how to wear midi skirt. In case if we have missed out on anything. Let us know in the comment section.
Also, if you have any tips and style tricks to share. Please share with our other readers so they can get a stylish look as well.

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